Spruce Up your Holiday Party Decor

Holiday Decor is steeped in tradition. But it can get tiring and repetitive real fast. You can still spruce up your holiday decor to make a virtual event more festive! Follow these tips for some ideas (or give us a call we can help you plan an amazing holiday event.)

Create a space

Are you just sitting and chatting with family or friends over a video call? Make sure your space is comfortable for a long chat. So, pile on the pillows, grab that hot cocoa, and that throw blanket!

Right now dollar stores have a lot of inexpensive decorations that you can purchase to give little touches to your space, that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Think of your background

Create a festive atmosphere to help get in that holiday spirit and to convey that energy to your fellow chatters online.

Make sure your background isn’t too distracting (you need to be the focus), yet has enough decor to make it interesting (nobody likes a blank white wall).

Grab some holiday decorations you already have, maybe some coordinating candles, or you could even sit next to the Christmas tree. Anything to help create that holiday mood.

Dress up your Dining

Are you doing virtual dining with others?

Make sure your video camera or device can capture both you and some of your table so that it will feel like they are right there with you.

Then dress your dining room table with some nice linens, grab your best dinnerware, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, and just go all out.

There is no reason not to be a little fancy, just because your family or friends can’t physically be there with you. Having some of your table shown (and decked out) will make it feel a little more “real”.


If you are able to, coordinate your decor and your meal with your fellow participants.

Create a meal plan (share family favorite recipes), and a timeline, so they can all be ready to eat the same meal together. If time allows, everyone could even purchase the same decorations or dinnerware to have up, so that it’s like you’re all at the same table.

It’s those small touches that really reach the heart and connect us together, even over long distances.

Talk Tech

Is anyone in your party not that tech-savvy? Connect with them the day before to make sure they can easily connect and ask any questions on how to get set up.


Try playing some virtual games! Games like Bingo work well (you can find free card makers online). Just designate one person as the caller.

Want to play some trivia? Have people make little “Pick Me” paddles so you can easily see who is “buzzing in”. There are some great online trivia generators, such as this one.

Pick Me Paddle Holiday Decor

Get to know everyone better. Use a list of questions, like this one from Signup Genius, to get to know everyone better. Go around the virtual meeting room and ask random questions from the list.


The key is to have fun and find little ways to connect to each other. And give us a call!

As Always,

Spruce up Your Holiday Decor

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