A Virtual Launch Party

We officially launched our business on December 12, 2020. As with everything 2020, it didn’t go the way we originally planned. But hey, that’s the motto for 2020, isn’t it? Plan, Pivot, and Plan again. This is how we turned an in-person event into a virtual launch party.

The Party Plan

Our original plan was to have a private dinner with our close family and friends, to celebrate the holidays and launch our business.

One of our dear friends offered to host it at their home as the venue. The palette of their home is white, with shades of soft color-changing the look of their space to accommodate our theme would have been a planner’s dream come true!

Speaking of a theme, what better way to close out 2020 than with a Gatsby-style 1920s launch party? Out with the old, and in with the adventure ahead! With luscious blue fabric, gold accents, and beautiful ostrich feathers at our disposal, we set to work designing a party that would introduce our friends and family to Blue Phoenix Events in the way only we could–as an experience!

Invitation with wax seal and feathers
Our invitation, with blue and gold feathers, was embossed with a custom wax seal. of our logo.

Even as COVID-19 spread and we masked up to shop for those pieces—those little details—that would add a special touch to the night, we remained optimistic. Come November, we had to accept that an in-person party, even with a limited group, was not in the cards. The health of our guests was a top priority, we made the switch to a virtual party.

A good planner is one who is flexible and sees a little heartbreak as an opportunity to try something new.

We knew from the start that this would be no boring zoom meeting. It was important that our guests feel engaged, to have that experience we’d planned.

Virtual Launch Party in a Box

If our guests couldn’t come to the party, we would bring the party to them.

In gorgeous gold boxes, we packed Blue Phoenix Events swag, special gifts, and favors. We wrapped each of them in a silky blue ribbon and sealed them with a unique, custom-made wax stamp.

We assembled custom do-it-yourself cocktails and shopped for unusual beers, compiling them all with party-game participation supplies—virtual photo booth props, trivia signs, the works!

Last but not least, we prepared special desserts for our guests—mini lemon bundts, chocolate tarts, and carrot-cake cupcakes. All topped with our signature chocolate feathers.

Virtual Launch Party Time

On the day of the party, we hand-delivered our packages to our guests (ding-dong ditching for the sake of social distancing). As a result, they enjoyed the unexpected surprise and it added a personal touch to the event.

Bert & Kat dropping off gift boxes and goodies.
Kat & Bert making deliveries!

Dressed to the nines, that evening we ate, drank, and made merry! It almost didn’t matter that we couldn’t meet in person as we’d planned. Seeing the delight on our guests’ faces as they opened their boxes was more than we could have hoped for.

Curious as to what decor we were going to have for our in-person event if we could have held it?

We had picked out some luscious-feeling velvety-smooth blue fabric for the table cloth, with an art deco-themed, gold sequined table runner. With accents of gold and white for the decor. Hand-painted gold-tipped feathers that we used in the invite, the party in the box, and on the tablescape to tie everything together to “Blue Phoenix Events”.

To create a lovely, and large centerpiece we used flow-y ostrich feathers. The photos don’t do it justice, it was a large canopy!

No one knows what the future will bring, or when it will be safe to gather together. But, before you decide to cancel your event, consider making it virtual! You may be surprised at how fun, how personal, and heart-felt it can be.

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