My Nightly Routine

Every evening when we sit down to dinner, my thirteen-year-old asks, “How was your day, mom?”

And every evening I answer, “Still going.”

Though I do work a normal nine-to-five, my day hardly ends at the dinner table. Once dinner is eaten and the dishes cleared away, I bust out my laptop and journals and either work on a novel with a looming deadline or event-planning for Blue Phoenix (or both!)

But what about after? This is my Night Time Routine.


Seems obvious, but a shower not only gives me a few minutes to myself, I think of it as a physical and mental washing away of the day. I use my favorite body wash, play some music, and clear my head.

Use face cream that may or may not reduce wrinkles

I’m at the age where I need to start caring about my skin, and this is a no-fuss way to do so. I give myself a little face massage, believing my skin will love me back for it, and call it a day.

Set up a pot of herbal tea and prepare my nest

I love the ritual of setting the tea kettle on to boil and picking out an herbal tea. My favorite is Tazo Passion, a sweet, mild herbal tea that goes down very smoothly without having to add honey or sugar. My nest is made up of blankets and pillows on the couch, which I nestle into once my tea is ready. If I’ve been good, I get a sweet treat to go with it—Butter Pecan ice cream or a slice of lemon cake.

Mindless TV

The more times I’ve seen a particular television show, the better. I don’t want to think about the plot or get sucked into the drama – I want comfort. The Great British Baking Show, Repair Shop, Doctor Who, As Time Goes By—all great for soothing the mind and sinking into sleepy-ville.

Into bed with a rain machine

My wife doesn’t love it, but I find the gentle background noise soothing. It keeps my mind from wandering into the next day’s tasks or problems I have yet to find solutions to. Today is over and I leave it behind. Tomorrow is another day.

What is your night time routine? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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