How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Event Curation

What is Event Curation?

Event Curation is an event planning service that offers a variety of marketing and promotional services for small businesses. We sit down with our clients at the beginning of the year to discuss their goals for the upcoming year in order to determine what kind of events they should host. Then we help them execute those events on a monthly basis so they don’t need to worry about creating content or planning an entire series of events from scratch. The result is less stress for them AND increased revenue!

How does it benefit small businesses?

Event curation benefits small businesses by relieving them of the stress that is involved in creating content, planning an event series, marketing the event series to meet business goals, and more. Event curation enables them to focus on their business while we take care of the event planning and execution. This means they can concentrate on what they do best: managing their company or business.

What kinds of events can I expect from a curator?

We offer regular monthly events for each business, tailored to their unique brand. These can include quarterly or yearly series’ that encompass all their regular monthly events, and special one-off events. We also help create other marketing materials such as press releases, blog posts, and more. Event curation is a great way for small businesses to gain exposure and increase revenue!

Why should you hire an Event Curator?

The challenge of marketing a small business today is different than it was five years ago. Smaller companies don’t have the resources to compete with big marketers and gain brand loyalty, but we believe everyone should be able to use tools like those used by large firms. With this pandemic taking its toll on many SMBs’ workforce dedication as well as their day-to-day duties; an effective way around managing events has become necessary because they’re swamped everywhere else. Our event curators help relieve some stress while letting our clients focus solely on what matters most (their work).

Our process for event curation

Event curation services are about meeting business goals.

We sit down with each client at the beginning of the year and discuss their sales flow, brand, any must-have events, and desired results.

Then we plan an entire series of events, month by month, that take into account their specific needs to meet those goals.

We then bring a proposal back for approval or modification that we use as a roadmap for the year.

Then, our event curator oversees the execution of these events, with input and feedback from the SMB owner, so they don’t need to worry about content or planning.

The benefits of event curation

Event Curators are experts in marketing who specialize in hosting monthly recurring events which means you can focus on what your company does best: managing it! This means:

  • Less extra work for you
  • Better value for both your business and your consumers
  • Dedicated planning of the event, to even the smallest details
  • Consistent reporting of each and every event; including feedback surveys, attendance and sales reports, event improvement reporting, and more.

For even more information, check out our Event Curation page.

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Event Curation

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