Using Soundscapes to Elevate Your Event

Your guests will remember your event for years to come, and one way to make that happen is by creating a unique soundtrack, or as we like to call it, a soundscape.

The soundscape is more than just background music. It adds an emotional element to the event and brings people back in time when they hear it again. A successful soundscape can have many layers: background music, mood-setting audio clips, recorded dialogue, and sound effects specific to the theme of your event.

Two sound speakers in neon light with sound wave between them on black.

A good soundscape can be the difference between an event that is just average and an event that clients come back to year after year. Hosting a Viking-themed reception? The dull sounds of beating drums and chanting can make them feel like they are transported back in time. Central Park themed luncheon? The soundscape of birds chirping, and a small babbling brook can give it that added touch. Add in a few fans, and some well-placed diffusers to give a nice easy breeze and the smell of fresh grass.

A good soundscape complements the atmosphere but doesn’t distract from it. It should smoothly link together with any other elements of the event. A good soundscape designer will have a clear idea of how they want your event to flow and create a soundtrack that compliments it perfectly.

Events are not just food, music, games, decorations, and clothes. Sound can play an important role in making your event totally immersive. It draws in your guests on a subconscious level. The soundscape may be low and almost imperceptible, but the brain will pick it up and hear it.

It’s just another little detail that can have a huge impact on your event.

Let us help you create your unique soundscape for your next event.

Using Soundscapes to Elevate Your Event

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