Don’t forget the guests: Using decor that double as gifts

Let’s face it. Guests like gifts. And if there is no gift to be seen, say goodbye to your centerpieces. Which can be a real headache if it was rented! Attendees to your events like to remember the amazing event, long after it’s over. Having a little something that reminds them of the fun they had at your event, can make it just a little more special. We call them “decor gifts”.

Using Decor as gifts

Sure, you can have separate party favors for your guests, but that is an added cost into your budget that you may not have the extra funds for.

Using decor as gifts, even in small ways, can go a long way to making your guests feel included and special at the event.

So what decor items can double as gifts?

Gifts don’t always need to be huge items. They don’t need a whole centerpiece to themselves. Instead, lots of little items that can create a “collection” from the event, can be a fun way for them to remember all the fun from the event.

Here is just a small sample of some items that can be personalized to your guests, that they can take home:

  • Seating tickets – If you have assigned seating, you can customize a “ticket”
  • Name tag holders – having a decorative little name tag holder at their seat can be a another little item to add to their collection
  • An event program – designed to go with the theme of your event
  • Personalized noise makers or trinkets – placed in a vase or bowl as a centerpiece can be an easy way to add decor and a gift in one.
  • Customized face masks – Create a face mask “tree” as part of your decor.
  • Links to a shared photo album where they can all share their photos from the events
  • Links to the music playlist that was played at the event
  • Custom printed mugs, cups, or glassware that they can use at the event and then take home

Here are just a few examples of some fun decor ideas that doubled as a little take-home gift for the guests of a Broadway/central park themed reception we planned.

What about virtual events?

Just because an event went virtual, doesn’t mean that you still can’t do something special for your guests. Create a swag bag (or box) to have delivered to them. It gives them a personal touch and feeling like they are connected to other guests with their shared signs, swap, fun gifts, and treats.

Here are just a few examples of gifts for a virtual event.

Don't forget the guests: Using decor that double as gifts

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