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A one-time concept and design meeting with planners, up to 90 minutes, where we discuss your vision for the event. After which, the client has access to unlimited email and phone correspondence with planners to fine-tune event concepts and details.

Planners assist clients with drawing up and sticking to a budget for the event.

Our planners will collect and log all RSVPs for the event, passing along menu choice cards to the caterer, if applicable.

Planners will book and communicate your vision to pre-approved vendors prior to the event, as well as direct vendors during the event, freeing you up to enjoy your guests.

Clients will have access to the planning site, allowing the client to see event production in real-time.

Blue Phoenix Events will design and produce custom favors for the event, personalized to align with your event theme or corporate logo.

Before the event, planners and assistants will conduct a final venue walk-through, ensuring every aspect of your vision is realized.

On the day of the event, our planners and assistants will be on-site to assemble and put the finishing touches on the space before your guests arrive. At the end of the event, our planners are the last to leave, ensuring venue clean-up compliance.

Planners will ensure all vendors are paid promptly by the client. Any and all rented equipment or materials are returned on time. Our planners will schedule a follow-up call with the client if the client desires to close any loops and collect feedback.

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